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Thriving Dog Pawcast

Nov 3, 2020

Ready to learn if your dog is really thriving on their diet?


You might say your dog is getting all the nutrition it needs but think again. There are ways to know if their diet is really working for them.


There are common issues in your dog that tell you something about the food that they’re being fed.


Luckily we have Alicia Boemi on our podcast today. She is a canine nutritionist who believes in a holistic approach to caring for your dog.


We talk about:

  • Things to look out for to know if your dog’s food is working for them
  • The full body check for your dog
  • Common issues that might come up in a full body check
  • What a balanced nutritious meal consists of
  • Diet for a diabetic dog

Alicia is the owner of Holistic Pet Wellness. She uses a combination of nutrition, massage, aromatherapy, and herbs to treat dogs proactively rather than reactively.


Learn more about Alicia at or tune in to her podcast - The Happy Dog Podcast. You can also follow her on Instagram holisticpetwellness.


  • [2:56] Why Alicia took the nutrition path
  • [6:09] Is your dog thriving on their diet?
  • [8:07] How to do the full body check on your dog
  • [10:12] Common issues that you might see in your dog after a full body check
  • [11:09] What these issues might tell you about your dog’s nutrition
  • [12:35] What a balanced nutritious meal consists of
  • [17:23] Diet for diabetic dogs
  • [21:01] What you get for a custom recipe
  • [23:12] Her work as a massage therapist
  • [24:35] At home massage for your dog

Resources Mentioned on this episode

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