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Thriving Dog Pawcast

Jun 18, 2020

The cooling vest your dog needs this summer. Seriously, think Under Armour® for your dog. 


With summer just around the corner, dogs are rockin’ that #sunsouttonguesout look.


But with over tens of thousands of dogs suffering yearly from overheating, how ‘bout we brush up on some summer safety.


We bring you Michael Bevis, the founder of the vet-recommended cooling vest - @KoolSkinz


He shares:


  • Top summer safety tips for your dog
  • Signs of overheating
  • Breeds prone to heat stroke


Michael also debunks a common myth in the dog world! Let’s see if you know the answer.


Who’s more prone to heatstroke? Dogs with:

  1. Dark fur
  2. Light fur
  3. Neither


Michael also shares why we should be more careful with our short-haired dogs.

To learn more visit or follow him on Instagram @KoolSkinz.

Click the link in our bio to tune in to this episode. And make sure you catch that 20% off discount code (plus free shipping!)


  • [2:16] Inspiration for KoolSkinz
  • [6:27] Why KoolSkinz is Underarmour® for your dog
  • [14:40] What’s your dog’s pattern type?
  • [17:52] Top summer safety tips
  • [18:30] Signs of overheating
  • [22:00] Breeds prone to heatstroke
  • [22:38] Common myth DEBUNKED
  • [23:32] 3 Principles by which KoolSkinz operates
  • [24:55] Top 10 camping product by Dyrt magazine

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