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Thriving Dog Pawcast

Mar 26, 2020


Whether they’re your TV buddy or your running buddy, your dog loves being needed.


And when it comes to needing stress relief from airport chaos, there’s no one better than the LAX Pups.


Their pack leader, Heidi Huebner, is the founder of Pups Unstressing Passengers, also known as the PUP Program, at LAX...

Mar 12, 2020

Looking for a reason to start that yoga routine? Now you’ve got one!

Our Pawcast guest this week is Aimee Hyatt. She’s the owner of DogaFit where she puts the DOG in downward dog.

Get your mats out and get ready to do yoga with your dog, aka DOGA!

She teaches you:

  • doga at-home
  • healing together through doga

Mar 5, 2020

Here’s a hint, it’s all in the basics!

Dr. Odette Suter will be teaching you how to avoid the “quick fix” mindset that’s creeped into holistic dog care. 

She’ll be going over:

  • Basic needs of your dog’s body
  • Common deficiencies and excesses
  • Mimicking nature
  • What your vet doesn't tell you
  • Practical ways to...