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Thriving Dog Pawcast

Feb 13, 2020

Think you could be over-vaccinating your dog?

 We want to keep our pets healthy, but your dog might not need as many “upgrades” as you think.

 Our guest for today is Dr. Laurie Coger - veterinarian and author of “Vaccines Explained: The Wholistic Vet’s Guide to Vaccinating Your Dog.”

Dr. Coger founded The...

Feb 6, 2020

If you had one superpower, what would it be? 

  1. Superhuman speed
  2. Ability to fly
  3. Your dog's immortality

Option number 3 hands down!

Unfortunately, the scientists at the Thriving Dog PAWcast haven’t figured that one out yet. We’ll get you updates on their progress!

In the meantime, the aging process of our dog is...

Jan 30, 2020

Would your dog’s food pass the HEALTHY BOWL test?


Okay, there’s no test but let’s take a look at your dog’s bowl. Today on the show, we have Tori Rosay, owner of Dexter’s Deli and a TRUE LEGEND in natural pet care.


The very first to bring raw food to San Diego, Dexter’s Deli has been a leader in the...

Jan 23, 2020

Let’s take you behind the scenes into the life of a dog student.

Here to guide us is Zoe Sandor - certified professional dog trainer and owner of Pack Method Prep. She’s here to answer all your dog training questions such as:

When should I start training?

What about my rescue?

Does my dog have to go to obedience...

Jan 16, 2020


Ever wondered what your pet is thinking?

That’s what this week’s show is all about. Our guest, Stacy Krafczyk, is going to teach you how to talk dog!

Stacy’s a professional animal communicator and owner of All Spirit Healing. She’s internationally known for her work with humans and animals, both in this life...